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Adjuvant! (New Web Implementation Tutorial)

Welcome to the new web implementation of Adjuvant!

This version has the same basic functionality and content as prior versions but has a number of new features. This new implementation was created to attempt to make the program more accessible to some users and to make the architecture of the site more functional and visually appealing.

Changes in logging in.

The login is now in the upper right hand corner of the screen. As before it is implemented by entering your e-mail address and your password. The database from the old implementation was transferred to the new implementation, and in most cases your password was included in the transfer. If the login does not recognize you, you can try the “Forgot password”. If this is not helpful you may find it necessary to re-register.

Accessing specific tools.

After logging in you will see a screen with an upper left hand corner that looks like the following.

You can now select “Online tools” which with drop down lists will allow you to select specific cancer types and tools of relevance to them.
In this case select “Breast” and “Standard Version”.

Using a tool

At this point (after reading a notice about the program and clicking “Continue”) you will have a screen that looks something like the following:

Now enter the data for the patient that you are interested in generating estimates for.

In this example age was 58, comorbidity was minor problems, ER status was positive, histologic grade was 2, tumor size 1.1 to 2.0 cm, number of positive nodes was 1-3, and proposed treatment was an AI for 5 years, and a simple chemotherapy such as CMF. The endpoint that was selected in this case was mortality.

Note that on the basis of patient information that you have entered that the program has produced a “10 Year Risk” estimate (this is case an estimate of 10 year breast cancer specific mortality) and “Adjuvant Therapy Effectiveness” estimates. If you disagree with these estimates you can enter your own values for these estimates.

Note that when you start entering this information that the estimates and graphics disappear. This is because these estimates are being prepared by the Adjuvant! server and will not be sent to your machine until you have indicated that you have finished changes and want these projections. When you have finished making your selections you should click the “Show New Estimates” button. After clicking this button the estimates based on the new information entered will appear.

In the original website implementation of Adjuvant! a complex Java program was sent to the user’s machine. This implementation has the powerful advantage that it allows virtually instantaneous calculations of outcomes on the user’s machine. The disadvantage is that for some users local intranet security issues made it impossible to view Adjuvant!.

Examining Help Files.

There are extensive help files that are part of Adjuvant!. Examining these can be worthwhile and it is strongly suggested that the user examine these. To examine these click on “Review Help Files”.

Printing out estimates.

The best way to obtain printouts of the estimates is to have the program produce PDF files of these estimates. This is far superior to generating screen shots. To do this click on “Get Printable PDF”.

Viewing Potentially Useful Illustrations.

For some malignancies there are potentially useful illustrations. These can be access by clicking “Show Illustrations”.

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